Re: Mach2 - Elongated stars

M Hambrick

Hi Yanzhe

Regarding the possibility of vibration coming from the camera I have a SBIG STXL16200 camera and I have found that when the cooler output exceeds about 78% for a period of time, the camera fan kicks into a high speed mode. There is quite a lot of vibration when this happens, and I have seen it degrade my images. I am not sure if this is the root cause of your problem, but I suggest that you try one of the following:

  1. Run your cooler setpoint so that the cooler output does not exceed about 75% at steady state.
  2. If you are using MaxIm DL to image, you can switch the fan to manual mode so that it runs at a fixed speed. You can do this from the Expose Tab using the Options menu.

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