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Roland Christen

Have you contacted our customer service person, George? Our service reps do not customarily monitor this user group, and I usually do but am away right now on an extended trip.

The user group is not going to be able help much with your intermittent issue. It will be easier for us to work with you directly. We can ask you to send some simple commands to the mount to determine the health of the mount electronics. We can even patch into the mount and run some tests on the various parts. In the case that you describe below, it is definitely not a power supply issue.

Roland Christen
Astro-Physics Inc.

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I continue to have intermittent problems with my mount.  I realize these types of problems are hard to diagnose, but it's really making using the mount kind of a pain.  It's definitely not "disappearing into the background".  For no apparent reason, without me even touching the mount, it gets into the mode described above, where it does not move when I ask it to park, but it acts like it's parking.  The AE homing will fail.  I can slew manually, but it appears that the encoders are not working.  I generally fiddle with the motor cable, but I'm no longer convinced that it the issue, although it's possible it is.  I really wonder if it's not some kind of power issue, even though the obvious symptoms are comm errors, which is shown by APCC.  I am using the 24V adapter supplied with the mount, plugged directly into a 120V mains line.  Just now, right in the middle of a data acquisition in SGP, the mount just parked itself.  Fortunately, I noticed this, but it could have cost me an entire night's imaging.  I just did a disconnect/reconnect from inside via Remote Desktop, and the problem seems to have gone away, at least for now.  At least I didn't have to go outside like I did the other night when this happened.

It appears to be working now, but I'm naturally losing confidence in the mount.

Another thing that happened tonight which may or may not be related, was during an APPM run.   I was getting a "Slew Warning" during many of the slews.  I don't remember seeing this before.  It went ahead and did the slew and the imaging, but I don't remember seeing this before.  I tried decreasing the slew rate to 1000X, but it didn't seem to matter.

I would appreciate some help from A-P on this.

Roland Christen

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