APPM and SGP: ASTAP plate solver?


Possibly a quick question:  When using SGP for APPM plate solving, does ASTAP work?
Ie. the option to use this:

- I've been on win 7 pro for years ... and only for astro work... and it looks like it is time to move to win 10 for the astro work.
- This move basically means rebuilding a collection of imaging related software, workflow, and related network configuration...  tho I can probably and will move a bunch of the imaging software to the win10pro machine.
- However, I figure I should take the opportunity to switch to SGP as it is not supported on win7.
- At the same time I need to figure out the route for plate solving (I dont have the APPM plate solving requirements on the win7 machine).   i could go with Pinpoint and my existing MaximDL, but for about the same $$ I could go with SGP, assuming I could use the donation-ware ASTAP, otherwise I would also need to (I think) get Pinpoint in addition to SGP.

So I'm just trying to verify this path will work before I spend too many cycles fiddling with software downloads.   


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