Re: Alt/Az Bookmarks not saving

Ray Gralak

Hi Renan,

I just tried it, and Alt/Az bookmarks are being saved correctly in V5.30.10. It could be the driver does not have permission to write to the folder, or the file containing the coordinates (settings.apdb).

Also, you should make sure to click the "Add" button, and not the "Save" button. "Save" alters the values in the selected row. "Add" will create a new row, which is what you want.


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Hi, I will appreciate any help to solve this problem which was posted by somebody else about 3 years ago:

Message #60353, 02/15/18: I have been running into an issue with the AP V2 driver when I try to save a bookmark in
the Alt Az bookmark window. It seems the driver will not save the alt-azimuth coordinates. I have tried downloading
the driver again and reloading it on the computer and I get the same response. Is this an issue with the latest driver?

I have never been able to save Alt/Az bookmarks.

I will really appreciate your help.



Driver v5.30.10


Mach 1



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