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Ray Gralak

Hi Jack,

Sorry, I took a few days of vacation, so I haven't been following posts.

I did answer this question via the private email you sent me the other day, but I will post an answer here as well in case it comes up in the future.

1. APCC's horizon limits are just simple ASCII text files with 360 az/alt values, one for each degree in azimuth.
2. The expected file extension is ".hrz".
3. The first three lines of the file must be the following:

# Astro-Physics GTO Horizon File v1.0
# Points 360
# Az Alt

4. After the third line, there must be 360 more lines, one line per degree in azimuth.
5. North is azimuth=0, proceeding clockwise (i.e., East=90).
6. In each line, azimuth must be an integer value followed by an altitude value, both in degrees. The altitude value can be a decimal number.
7. You can load the horizon limits file via the Horizon Tracking Limits Editor window in APCC.

Attached is an example file, which you can edit with the built-in Windows editor, Notepad.exe. To do what you want just edit the values


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Subject: [ap-gto] APCC PRO and Horizon Editor

I used my Theodolite App on my iPhone to get the horizon altitude every 5-10 degrees for 360 degrees of azimuth. I
created a table of the values and would like to create the horizon in APCC PRO on my laptop in the house and then
somehow import it into APCC PRO on my observatory PC. I keep looking at the manual and it explains how to use the
mouse to drag and create the horizon line. What I want to do is add horizon data points one at a time and create my
horizon. So far I have been unsuccessful.

Does the mount have to be connected to APCC with my location selected to create a horizon? It seems that should
not be the case? Or am I doing something wrong?

Jack Huerkamp

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