New mount registration and license key (PEM Pro and APCC Pro) questions


I received my 1100GTO on Friday.  I purchased through a vendor, so it's not clear to me if AP has my contact info, or if I need to mail in the mount registration card?  They clearly have my name and address as the mount was shipped direct from AP to me, but they may not have my email or phone number. 

I recall reading on CN that the APPC license key is delivered via email, how do I go about requesting that?

This morning I attempted to install PEM Pro using the license key listed on the 1100GTO manual front cover.  On startup PEM Pro tells me my 'trial has expired', note I never had a trial period.  When I then enter the key and hit OK the program simply exists.  Uninstalling and re-installing PEM Pro made no difference, not sure what I am doing wrong.


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