Re: Power Supply died due to heat (daytime sun) I believe. #Mach2GTO


I see.  

One question I have is “switching vs linear”.  
TBH, I have always avoided switching due to RF noise.  While it might not be an issue with imaging, etc, it is another variable to avoid… and not be a noisy-RF neighbor.  
I’m currently repurposing an Astron linear supply for the camera + robofocus (and dew heater when needed.).  Prior to the Mach2 everything had its own supply , but with the thru-mount power I need to consolidate. 

The Astron is temporary (it is 30amps which is overkill and super heavy for remote work).
So I’m looking for a 10amp-ish 12v to power everything on the OTA.   This is for when 110v is available; I also need to work out the battery situation for remote work were there’s no 110v. 

As for getting a spare 24v supply:  Not a bad idea.   There’s probably some small failure rate on such hardware, likely non-zero.  
Also.. I might accidentally break it somehow myself (eg a drop).  For the AP 1200 I ordered spare RA/Dec cable assembly as I broke (and repaired) one in the “field”.
Having some spares (in the field or otherwise) is a good thing. 


On Apr 3, 2021, at 7:13 AM, Micheal Fields Jr via <mpfjr@...> wrote:

Observatory for sure but I also plan to 3D print a case for it.  As I mentioned I have a couple of these already. One is 12v that I use for my equipment and the other 24v I use with a different mount.  Have had them for years with no issues.  Very clean reliable power (so far).  

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