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Christopher Erickson

I have the StarGPS module for AP CP2/CP3/CP4/CP5 controllers. Works precisely as advertised and Chris Carson is a pleasure to deal with.

All-in-all, I am not sure it is a critical investment unless you are planning a lot of traveling with your AP mount and prefer to initialize the mount with your AP hand controller versus APCC or through Sky Safari or Luminos.

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Yes, StarGPS does have specific instructions for AP mounts.  Here’s the link:


I forgot that another suggestion they make is to switch to UTC for your HC.  And I indeed set most of my mounts to 00 offset – or UTC.




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It’s been a long time since I’ve used my Mach1.  But as I recall, there’s a setting in the HC that tells it where to look for time/date/location data.  It can be set to look to the HC for that data, or externally – in your computer for example.  You need to set it to look externally for time/date/location data.


I think there are maybe three settings.  The one you want looks externally and waits.  And when it gets the data, puts it in the controller and/or HC.


As I recall, there’s a flashing light on the side of the StarGPS.  It flashes at different rates to let you know what it’s doing.  One rate tells you it’s looking for a fix.  Another rate tells you it’s got a fix.  And as I recall, there’s a third blink or something that tells you it’s successfully passed the data onto your mount.


I believe you’ll find much or all this information on StarGPS’s website.  They have specific instructions for each mount.  And I believe all AP mounts work the same way in this regard.  And some of this might even be in the AP Mach1/2 manual.


Again, I haven’t used my Mach1 in years and just don’t remember.  And I’m up in the mountains in our trailer now and don’t have access to my notebook.




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It was easy to find. Thanks. Oh, I’ve already fired off a question to them asking about compatibility with the CP5.  By the way, what does “set your controller properly” mean, exactly?

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