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Woody Schlom



I don’t know about APCC, but I’ve used a StarGPS for years with my CP3. 


When you order one, you specify your mount and they supply the GPS module with the proper adapter cable.  It plugs directly into your controller.  In the “old days” they made one with a special power cable that plugged directly into the CP3’s 6v power port.  But the latest StarGPS is only self-powered now (has a battery compartment in the adapter cable).  And of course, AP took out the 6v power port in the CP4 and I assume CP5 also.


It’s a very small device – about 1.5” x 1.5” x ¼”.  And when you set your controller properly, it automatically feeds time, date and location data to your mount when it gets a fix.


You might have to buy a StarGPS directly from the manufacturer as it’s a very small company and not all vendors stock them.  They’re based in Canada.






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can someone out there recommend a basic GPS module that plays well with APCC? I understand it can be any that outputs NMEA, but surely one of you has a basic model they have been using and like enough to recommend. My needs don’t require anything like a MGbox. Surely there is a good basic alternative out there. 

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