Re: Power Supply died due to heat (daytime sun) I believe. #Mach2GTO


Just noting…. From the Amazon page…. 


Presumably it is in a case , or used in an observatory, etc.   I would be a bit concerned with dew when used “outside”.   Afaik the original “brick” is sealed (at least mostly sealed but probly not IP67 level sealed.)

On Apr 2, 2021, at 11:59 AM, Micheal Fields Jr via <mpfjr@...> wrote:

Hi Karen.  No problem.  I bought a really nice one that has a cooling fan.  I'd rather not simply replace a dead one with an identical one that will die on me later.    This is the item I ordered.  I intend to desolder the cables from the existing (dead) supply and re-use them with this item.   I use one very similar with my other 24v powered mount without issue.

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