Re: Pointing Model for Unguided Imaging on a C11" EdgeHD (with primary mirror locked)


Fwiw, a bit tangential, but to the point of long FL uguided imaging…. I did a backyard test recently of a Meade 12” ACF at f6.7 (2040mm FL) (with clement focuser and robofocus) on the ach2. I didn’t build a model but just did “short” 3 minute unguided  exposures and the stars look good.  

On Apr 2, 2021, at 3:08 AM, Bruce Donzanti <donza2735@...> wrote:

I am once again re-thinking if it makes sense to attempt unguided imaging on my C11" EdgeHD where I have now locked down my primary mirror and upgraded to the Optec FastFocus system where focusing is done solely using the secondary mirror.  This should eliminate the major mirror flop/shift issues due to moving the primary mirror.  My scope is on an AP1100 in a permanent observatory but I do not have encoders.  I use a ZWO ASI2600MM Pro camera (APS-C sensor) and usually use the 0.7x focal reducer.  The question is:  Is it even worth the effort to try building a model to go unguided imaging or is a refractor still the way to go?  Guiding works ok but it can be finicky at times.

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