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Kenneth Tan

Most NUCs will run on 12 v but if it drops below that it will Cut off. So better to be higher or if not to get a voltage stabiliser

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That’s not necessarily true.  If you browse the specifications at the Intel site, it varies a lot.  Some generations are strictly 19v, some are a mixture of 12-24v, some 12-19v.   It varies by CPU (maybe and kit but it looked more like CPU).


The marketing literature is often vague, but Intel publishes the actual requirements.  Here’s an example side by side of two 11th gen models:,212519


The first is 19 only, the second 12-24.


Buy carefully.



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BTW, if you are using an Intel NUC, 19V is not necessary. They work just fine at 12V as per specs.
My NUC is an i5 with SSD, and thurnderbird 3 to 10G Base T adapter. It works reliably with no issues.
Might save a little space and battery power.

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