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Do they still have the patterns for the 1200 mount? That should make them
less expensive.


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Hi All,

I'm a new member to the group. I've been using my AP1200 GTO mount
since last July, having an orange tube C-14 sitting on top of it.
Wonderful mount IMHO!

I was going through some earlier posts and came across a thread on
protective cases for the AP mounts. I had to deal with that issue
when I received my 1200, figuring it was wise to protect the
investment. Those of you living in So. California might want to
consider a place in N. Hollywood that custom made two cases for me;
one for the RA and one for the DEC portions of the mount. The place
is called NRG at phone number (818)980-6743. The total charge for
both cases was $750 out the door. These guys build cases primarily
for traveling rock groups but will also do an occasional case for an
amateur astronomer. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks usually. The
cases are very professionally done with high density foam custom fit
to match the item stored within. The basic structural material is
thin, high density plywood with an outside finish of vinyl (many
color choices); non-foam interior surfaces are felt finished. The
exterior edges are all metal protected and the latches are really
heavy duty clamp type devices. Both have a generous supply of flush
mounted handles with rubber coated grips and the RA case actually has
wheels and a telescoping handle for transport (like an airline carry-
on bag for example). These cases are suitable for shipping as is
provided you can lock them somehow.

I had them originally make me one for my C-14 and was so impressed
that I took the 1200 mount to them almost immediately upon delivery.
Now when I unpack my truck at the observing site people ususally
think I'm probably going to start playing rock music at any time.
Seriously, these are great cases and well worth the bucks.


Dave Jurasevich

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