Re: Mach2 Slew Speed, Power, and Voltage Question #Mach2GTO

John Upton

Tom Blahovici,

On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 11:18 PM, Tom Blahovici wrote:
BTW, if you are using an Intel NUC, 19V is not necessary. They work just fine at 12V as per specs.
   This is not true of all NUCs. The one I am using specifically specifies that 19 volts +/- 10% (or is it 5%) is required. My NUC came with a 120 Watt power brick and doesn't always boot at 13.3 volts from the battery. Many to most of the older i5 and lower NUCs will run fine from 12 - 19 volts and even state so in the specs. This one does not.

   The main thrust of this thread is about the Mach2 power requirements. Specifically, I was looking for information on how far below the 24 volt specifications you lose the ability to slew at full 1800X sidereal speed. In the end, I find I must use 24 v for other reasons and will continue on that path.


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