Re: AP V2 Ascom driver slew speeds wrong #ASCOM_V2_Driver

David Arditti

Thanks for the other suggestions. I am still at a bit of a loss. Experiments using different USB serial convertors, and different cables, have not turned up any clear cause of the odd behaviour.

I am definitely finding the older driver 5.21.01 to be working better than the newer one, 5.30.10, as Ray said it might, but it is not consistent. Because the odd behaviours with driver 5.21.01 are only occasional, I've been noting them down when they happen, otherwise it would be easy to for me to think I am imagining them.

What I have noted is that using the older driver, setting the move rate to 12x sometimes results in a first button press giving a 1x slew, but then it is 12x on subsequent presses (this is not backlash). When set to 1x or 0.5x sometimes the motion is continuous after the button is released, and I have also seen continuous motion at 1x after the button is briefly pressed at 12x setting. This is not a mouse problem, as I have tried two mice.

I now feel I cannot be sure that I would not see similar behaviours with the hand control, as I haven't been using the hand control enough at slow slew rates to be sure. So I am not certain this is not an issue with something in the CP3 box. My latest observations are using the new V2 firmware that was certainly sent to me through air freight, just in an anti-static bag, so X-ray scanning damage as Joe suggests is possible. But then I first started to observe problems with the M firmware, that had previously had no problems, so that theory doesn't fully fit the facts either!

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