AP Product Catalog Database

Karen Christen

Hello Astro-Nuts,


In recent weeks a few forum members have mentioned it would be nice to have a repository of old AP catalogs and offered to create a website database.  This is a project we’ve had on our radar but have not had time to dig into, so we appreciate this has been taken on by some of our Astro-Nuts. 


The website is here if you’d like to take a look:  AP Product Catalog Database   While you’re there, check out Tony Simon’s (aka Harley Davidson and Star Astronomer on YouTube) video of his catalog collection. 


If you have old catalogs and would like to add them, you can upload them to the Files section of the ap-ug group or the ap-gto group on Groups.io.  They will be added to the database from there.


I’ll pin this topic on the Groups Messages page so it’s easy to find.  Many thanks to Holger Merlitz for creating the website and volunteering to steer this project, and all of you who have submitted your catalogs to the database.


And a challenge:  Can anyone find a catalog with the Hampden Ct address?



Karen Christen

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