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Not David, Dated
4” F/6
The remaining catalogs 

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Hello all,

Just found my old catalogs. The first one is not David but the address is 839 Brae Burn Lane. You can purchase a 4 inch F62 assembly for $795 if you want the 4 inch F6 with a model 504 German equatorial mount, hex rings and stainless counterweights it will cost $1395!
A complete 6 inch F8 Triplet apochromatic system including the 6 inch refractor, equatorial mount, oak tripod, 8 x 50 finder, star diagonal and three ocular’s is $2595. 
The next catalog I have is dated March 1988 then July 1989 and June 1991. They remaining catalogs are not dated.

I will be sending these to Tony to scan tomorrow.


Jim P

Jim Phillips

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