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Jeff B

You can easily identify which battery you have when you open up the keypad and compare it to the pictures of the multiple versions shown on the AP website.  Just be careful and do it slowly.

But George is sooo pleasant to talk with and he's very patient too, talking you through the steps.  He'll also talk you through reloading the database.  Great guy!


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Send them the serial number off of your keypad and they will let you know what battery you need.  George at AP emailed me the battery number, I called last week and placed the order.  It was shipped Friday and I will get it this week.  Very great customer service.



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Thanks for feedback, did some more reading and think the very cold weather depleted the battery, and I need a replacement. I understand I can only get this from astrophysics per manual, but do not see the item on the website. I have an inquiry with AP at moment.


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