Quick Easy Question About Manual Meridian Flip In APCC Pro #APCC


Aloha All,

  The last couple nights out with the Mach 2 has been going very nicely.  I have both the laptop (with APCC Pro) and the keypad (set to EXT) out with me.
Seems like I always end up choosing an object that's about 1 or 2 hours East of the Meridian.  In the past, I manually flip the mount early (via the keypad),
and then just let everything track West thru the meridian (without having to worry about the meridian/mount flip later).  I usually just stick to one target and
don't do any other subsequent GoTos...  I didn't flip it last night (as I was trying out NINA and plate solving for the first time and forgot the flip [plus I'm using a
C8 Edge at F/7 and didn't want to refocus]).

  Anyway, I was wondering if there was a way to force an early mount flip in APCC??  The only way that I know how to do this would be to manually move the meridian East
one or two hours (using a positive value [I think]).  That's probably one way to do it,..   But, was curious if there was another way flip it early?  I haven't done the filp
in apcc,yet, so was just wanting to check first.  No big deal either way and thanks for all your help!! 


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