Re: FTDI USB-to-Single Port Serial Adapter


Vince, thanks for your reply as I just bought a new one my self after some unhealthy stretch from a footfall of my granddaughter on the cord.  This is a conundrum as the computer end and the scope end have  function as told in the Device Manager and albeit limited by your old cord performance on the scope end.   I downloaded and installed the newest FTDI driver from FTDI as I did not trust automatic updates.  I can’t recall what made me do that but I was reading the whole text on the FTDI website.   I am no COM expert so I posted my reply not to be captain obvious but to continue the discussion.  The problem solving skilz of this forum are phenomenol.  Tom 

On Mar 28, 2021, at 12:48, vsalfranc@... wrote:

Hi Tom,
Yes it is a FTDI version. It is absolutely identical to the old one. Same make same everything. When I look in the Devises Manager then Ports It is showing no problem. It is the same port as the old one.
The system is telling me that it is functioning correctly but it will not connect to the mount.
If I put the old one back on I can connect to the mount no problem but this one is faulty after many year of service. It doesn't always sent the signals to the mount.
Thanks for your help.

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