Re: Problem with Mach2 #APCC #Absolute_Encoders #Mach2GTO

Bill Long

Yeah the motor cables are the only thing connecting the encoders to the control box as well. That's why I suspected that connection. Especially after you said the LED was blue. On the 1100 there's an extra box things connect through, which the design of the Mach 2 eliminates the need for.

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In hindsight, I should have worked on the motor cable issue more first.  I spent a lot of time trying different USB setups because it was showing a communications problem, but since the keypad functionality was also affected, I should have realized it wasn’t a computer-to-mount problem earlier than I did.  Anyway, I just hope it might allow other folks to avoid the wasted time I spent.  Make sure your motor cables are connected snugly every time!

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