Re: Problem with Mach2 #APCC #Absolute_Encoders #Mach2GTO

Bill Long

If you manually slew to an object and issue a RECAL on that object -- what happens? 

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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Problem with Mach2 #Mach2GTO #APCC #Absolute_Encoders
Definitely some weirdness with the RA.  When I slew N or S, the Dec changes as you'd expect.  When I slew W or E, the mount moves appropriately, but the RA value is not affected.  What I mean by that is that it does slowly increase, as you'd expect if it were stationary at a point, but the movement in W or E has no effect on this slow increase.  Also, when it says it's tracking, the RA value is still slowly changing, so it doesn't appear to be tracking correctly either.  Bottom line is the you can slew all you want and even supposedly start tracking, and APCC acts like the HA value doesn't change.  In fact, in the status window, HA doesn't change unless you go past the pole in Dec.  Also, as mentioned before, doing any of the park positions just results in the mount parking in place. Oh, and it also says it's counterweight up, even though this is contradicted by the Alt and Az values.  AE fails homing every time.

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