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Jeff B

Just had this happen to me as well.  

The custom battery is a bit expensive but once in every 10 to 12 years ain't too bad.  Removal and installation of the battery requires care but is straightforward as it reloading the database, though it can take a while.

I also went to the .19 firmware version.  Jury is still out on that one.


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It is possible that the keypad battery has died.  I understand when it does, the stars and planet databases still work, but catalogs like the Messier and NGC objects get corrupted.  I just ordered a battery for my keypad before it dies.  Once it does, then you have to replace the battery and then reload the DSO databases.


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Starting to reuse my Mach 1 mount after a few years and have found that although the stars and sol data base is ok. The messer database is corrupted - with things like Crab Nebula is in Ursa minor. Any one seen this behavior?


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