Mach2 Slew Speed, Power, and Voltage Question #Mach2GTO

John Upton

Hi Folks,

   I am a new Mach2 owner and am configuring my setup. I usually run completely off battery power whether imaging / observing from home or at a dark sky site.

   My question is: at what input voltage threshold does the Mach2 switch from 1800X slews to 1200X slews?

   My LiFePO4 battery puts out a fairly constant 13.25 +/- 0.25 volts throughout its discharge curve (as much as I use before recharging). I run my at-mount NUC control computer at 19 volts using a DC-DC converter rated at 10 Amps output. I have three choices for running my Mach2. They are:
  1. Run directly from the battery at ~13.3 volts.
  2. Run through a DC-DC converter at 19 volts. (I already have a spare 19 V 8 A converter.)
  3. Run through a DC-DC Converter at 24 volts. (I already have a spare 24 V 10 A converter.)
   My preference would be to use options #1 or #2. I can use option #3 but that converter is physically larger than the 19 V version. I would like to save a little space and weight. (Both DC-DC converters are "fully potted" have hefty heat sinks. Since I always use the battery system for power, every pound matters for travelling, setting up, and tearing down.)

   If there is a fixed threshold at which the Mach2 / CP5 switches from 1200X to 1800X for maximum slew speeds, I can use whichever option for power is most appropriate. If that threshold is lower than 13 volts (unlikely) I could use just the battery and have full slew speed available. If the threshold is less than 19 volts, either of options #2 or #3 should work fine and allow full speed slews at all times. If the threshold is greater than 19 volts, I am left only with option #3.

   Any information regarding the switching point for slowing down slews would help me decide the path forward. (Of course, it may be that there is no fixed threshold and the CP5 simply regulates slew speed on the fly as it needs.) I realize that I "nit-picking" on having 1200X or 1800X available but like weight, saving time can be important.


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