Re: Problem with Mach2 #APCC #Absolute_Encoders #Mach2GTO

Ray Gralak

Hi David,

From your log files it looks like there was a problem communicating with the mount, which is why APCC and/or the driver were not always able to show correct status.

Some things to try:

* If you are using USB through a USB hub, instead, try using a single cable from the computer to the mount.

* Reboot the computer.

* Use a different connection (e.g. Ethernet)


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Subject: [ap-gto] Problem with Mach2 #Mach2GTO #APCC #Absolute_Encoders

I have a serious problem with my mount. I imaged all last night, using APPM, with no apparent issues. However,
when I tried to do a Park 3 this morning, the mount acts like it is trying to Park, but it doesn't slew and apparently
parks in place. I have tried shutting down the computer and mount numerous times with no change. The mount will
connect to APCC, initialize, and manually slew using the arrows, but it won't do much else. It will not park in any of
the standard positions, acting as I described above, always parking in place. Also, if I try to do a Home on the AE
tab, it says that homing has failed. It's obvious the mount doesn't know where it's pointing, because it says it's at a
negative altitude, when the mount is clearly not. Also, it says it's CW up, when it's clearly not. The following may or
may not be pertinent, but I figure it's better to give too much information than not enough to avoid back and forth.
The "ENC" button in the Telescope Position area is not lit., I'm getting time-out Comm error, although the fact that I
am able to manually slew using the arrows shows that there is at least some communication between the mount
and computer. I'll make a zipped log file available as soon as I can get it transferred.

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