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Cheng-Yang Tan

Will use Loctite if it comes off again. I tightened it up like what had posted earlier and by only tightening by 1/8 turn, the knobs haven’t come off ... yet.

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Nothing against your super-human strength claim, but I’d say your knobs weren’t properly done.  I just looked up red thread lock specs on both LocTite’s website and Permatex’s website.  LocTite says you need heat in excess of 550° F to loosen their red stuff enough to unscrew.  And they claim that without the heat, the bolt will usually fail and snap before the red LocTite lets go.  And I can attest to snapped bolts when I hadn’t properly heated it enough to fully loosen the red thread lock.


Permatex says their red thread lock needs to be heated above 500° F before it loosens up.


Both manufacturers consider their red thread lock products as “permanent” but that they can be loosened with enough heat.


If I were you, I’d just completely remove the knobs and studs, take the knobs off the studs, clean the threads (both internal and external) with alcohol or better yet, thread lock “primer” and an old toothbrush and Q-tip, let dry, and then apply some red thread lock to the knob end, thread the knob back onto the end of the stud, wipe off any excess while it’s still wet, and let it sit for 24 hours before threading them back into the dovetail saddle. 


You absolutely do NOT want any thread lock in the threads of the dovetail saddle.




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Then I'm really stronger than I look :) I had two bolts that that came off the knobs.




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And red thread-lock needs temperatures above 600° F to start loosening up.  And my experience with the stuff is that it lasts for decades.  I have a trailer hitch that’s been outside for 20 years and the red thread-lock is still holding quite firmly.  I’m sure it’ll take a blow torch and impact wrench to loosen up.




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Red Loctite is used.   One in a thousand will break loose when overtightened.






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I wonder if A-P did use Loctite, then they consciously used blue Loctite, rather than red to ensure that, if needed, the Allen bolt could be removed.  Red takes very high temps to release.


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