AP V2 Ascom driver slew speeds wrong #ASCOM_V2_Driver

David Arditti

A curious problem has started occurring today with my AP 1200GTO (GTOCP3, Firmware M).

I usually control this from my warm room by opening Astro-Physics Jog Scope and then calling up the V2 driver window (v5.30.10). Then to make fine adjustments to the pointing, while viewing an image on the screen, I set the move rate to 1x or 0.5x.

However, suddenly today this is not working. Setting the move rate to 1x or 0.5x or 0.25x results in the object shooting across the display: the telescope is slewing much faster than the stated rate. 12x is not so bad, strangely.

Jog Scope still performs as expected.

I've updated ASCOM, switched everything off and on again, but still get the same behaviour.

Can anyone suggest what the problem is?



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