Mach2 intermittent loss of connection


Hi everyone,

I'm running a Mach2 with APCC Pro, TSX Pro and SG Pro all interacting. It has worked very well with one exception: I get intermittent and (to me) unexplained loss of communication to the mount. If I am there I have found that telling APCC to disconnect and reconnect solves the problem almost all of the time. Last night, however, I wasn't there and I loss a bunch of subs because the mount stopped tracking. The mount was reported as "Parked" but hadn't moved to a standard park position.

This has never happened when I am just talking to the mount over APCC. It happens only when the ASCOM driver is also in operation to support TSX, SG Pro or another program. All of the software is up to date. Using latest Ascom platform.

I'm using the Ethernet connection via a reserved IP address. When it fails APCC tries to look for a backup serial connection, which I don't have. The Ethernet connection is via a managed POE switch, which appears to be operating flawlessly. All of the cables are of high quality and were tested first.

1. As anyone else experienced this and found a simple solution?
2. Does it make sense to install a serial-USB secondary connection to the computer, as backup?  Would that help?



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