Re: Issue with DOVELM162

Cheng-Yang Tan

Like you, the bolt came off and the knob got stuck. I then had to use pliers to remove the knob. To get the bolt and knob back on DOVELM, I had the knob threaded loose on DOVELM, held it with pliers and then tightened the bolt with the Allen key as tightly as I could. Once I did that and then simply tightened the knob by 1/8" turn after finger tightening it to hold my scope, I've never had a problem of the bolt separating from the knob after that. No need for loctite.


On Sunday, March 21, 2021, 06:42:32 PM CDT, DiscoDuck <montagoo@...> wrote:

Thanks Mike.

All - is there any particular thing I need to do to retighten the inner bolt that was loosened? Does it need Loctite added or something like that?

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