Re: AP1100, Berlebach Planet, mounting CP4

Bill Long

The pier adapter for the CP4 comes with the mount.  It will connect to the backside of the 1100 with two screws. So you will drop the RA axis onto the adapter you pictured, secure that with the bolts on the side, then bolt the CP4 box on the back of the mount itself. 

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I am anticipating a AP 1100 in a few months, and have that plate on order for my Berlebach Planet tripod.   From their website it looks like the attached.


There is a “Pier/Tripod Control Box Adapter” that shows as an angled bracket for attaching to a tripod.    The CP4 manual indicates the 1100 needs something on which to attach the CP4.  The 1100 manual on the other hand, on page 8, is a little confusing as it shows two screws for the CP4, but on the left hand page mentions “& adapter”.   So I think the adapter is there.  Maybe. 


Does anyone have this mount on a Planet, specifically one with the Berlebach plate? 


Will I need the adapter?   I’m thinking yes.


Will that top hole on the adapter (the one on the bent piece of metal) attach to a screw that’s going to go into one of the four holes below?  Or am I going to need something else with which to attach either the CP4 itself, or the adapter?    Will just that one screw hold it?


I am hoping not to drill holes in the wooden legs.


But even more, I want to make sure when I get it, I have all the parts.  Be a shame to then wait weeks to order some minor but necessary part.  L






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