Re: Who needs absolute encoders!

Joseph Beyer

This is interesting.  One of the best things I've done to help my imaging with my 2017 Mach1 is to buy APCC-Pro and build a model each time I set up and just retire the guide scope.  I live about 25 miles south of San Francisco on the peninsula and it's common to have several 20-30 minute periods or more during the night when the seeing just goes crazy bad and the guide plot is everywhere.  Later in the night, say 2-3 am, while the telescope is pointing west over the ocean things often smooth out incredibly well.  

Since I started using the model and removed the guide scope I routinely take 3 minute sub images with perfectly round stars through my FSQ-106.  There are nights where there's no doubt the seeing is distorting the star shape but it's not as bad as the effect of the seeing in the image plus the guider trying to adjust for the degradation in the atmospheric conditions. 

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