Re: APPM Attempt Failed - Clearly I am doing something wrong #APCC #Mach2GTO

Ray Gralak

Hi Marty,


The errors are coming from the plate-solver application. Here are some suggestions:


1. Instead of using GSC11, use USNO A2.0 or UCAC4. Note that you will likely have to download those catalogs.


2. On APPM's Plate Solve Settings tab:


            a) Increase "Max Solve Time (sec)" to 60 seconds. The "Operation stopped by client checkpoint operation" means that the plate solve didn't solve before the time in this field. If your computer is slow, or you have large images this can happen. You can reduce image size by binning or doing a subframe on APPM's Camera Settings tab. Also, uncheck the Auto Dark Subtract option on that tab if you have it enabled.


            b) Enable "Refine image scale from next solved image".


            c) Enable "Use last plate solve's offset as hint for next plate solve".


            d) Enable "Try All-Sky Plate Solving if available". And set the timeout to 300 seconds.


            e) Make sure the X and Y plate solve scale (unbinned) is set approximately to your image scale.


3. On APPM's "Run" tab, enable "Recall near Zenith at start". You should always leave this enabled so that the all models you create will have the same starting reference point.


4. Before you start a run for the very first time try a "Plate Solve and Recal" on APPM's run tab. If this succeeds then everything should run smoothly.


Here is a screenshot of the Plate Solve Settings I mentioned above:




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> I tried my first ever attempt at building an automated pointing model using APPM.  (I've used manual T-Point runs in

> the past.) The plate-solves were all failing. I must be doing something very wrong here and would like to at least be

> pointed in the right direction. Is this an imaging issue, a plate-solving data problem, or what?


> Equipment: Mach2, 130mm Starfire GTX, ASI2600MC-Pro

> Software: All latest versions of APCC Pro, ASCOM driver, SG Pro

> Platesolving: Pinpoint 6 using GSC11 downloaded file

> Settings pretty much at default for a small sample (40-50 points) with horizon limits in use. I tried a range of

> exposure settings from 2s to 5s

> Sky clear with half moon. (The failed images were not being taken in the vicinity of the moon.)

> Focus: checked in SG Pro.


> First issue: if I connect directly to the camera I can't adjust camera settings (e.g., cooling temperature). Plus, the

> process got hung up on imaging. So I abandoned that and connected the camera via SGPro and used that instead.

> It seemed to help. Is this the right approach?


> Second (bigger) issue: All but one plate-solve failed. Here are the results of my fourth run attempt, before I

> abandoned the effort.




> Lots of the following errors. What do these suggest is wrong?

> - Operation stopped by client in Checkpoint event

> - Failed to solve plate possibly due to input plate scale being too far off

> - Bad Y scale

> - Bad X scale


> I want to try tomorrow if conditions permit. What am I doing wrong? Amy assistance would be greatly appreciated.


> Marty

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