APPM Attempt Failed - Clearly I am doing something wrong #APCC #Mach2GTO


I tried my first ever attempt at building an automated pointing model using APPM.  (I've used manual T-Point runs in the past.) The plate-solves were all failing. I must be doing something very wrong here and would like to at least be pointed in the right direction. Is this an imaging issue, a plate-solving data problem, or what?

Equipment: Mach2, 130mm Starfire GTX, ASI2600MC-Pro
Software: All latest versions of APCC Pro, ASCOM driver, SG Pro
Platesolving: Pinpoint 6 using GSC11 downloaded file
Settings pretty much at default for a small sample (40-50 points) with horizon limits in use. I tried a range of exposure settings from 2s to 5s
Sky clear with half moon. (The failed images were not being taken in the vicinity of the moon.)
Focus: checked in SG Pro.

First issue: if I connect directly to the camera I can't adjust camera settings (e.g., cooling temperature). Plus, the process got hung up on imaging. So I abandoned that and connected the camera via SGPro and used that instead. It seemed to help. Is this the right approach?

Second (bigger) issue: All but one plate-solve failed. Here are the results of my fourth run attempt, before I abandoned the effort.

Lots of the following errors. What do these suggest is wrong?
- Operation stopped by client in Checkpoint event
- Failed to solve plate possibly due to input plate scale being too far off
- Bad Y scale
- Bad X scale

I want to try tomorrow if conditions permit. What am I doing wrong? Amy assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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