Re: Pier for 1100GTO #Guiding

Don Anderson

Should be able to find a suitable piece of pipe at a scrap yard. I would get a piece of 8" Sch40 pipe, weld a 1/4" flat plate on top and an 8" ANSI150# flange on the bottom. I would pour a concrete footing in the ground and cement in a matching 8" flange welded to some rebar. I would set the cemented in flange about 18" below ground. One would then bolt the pier to the flange then attach an AP flat surface adapter such as the 119FSA. The reason for the underground flange is should one move it would be much  easier to take down the pier system and reclaim the area. 

Don Anderson

On Friday, March 19, 2021, 01:46:54 p.m. MDT, Keith Olsen <keitholsen@...> wrote:

If you really want a heavy duty pier get a schedule 80 pipe and have a plate welded on top and bottom.   Mine is 5" nominal(5 1/2" OD) 3/8" thikness and about 21 lbs per foot for my OBS with my Mach1. I bolted the Losmandy field tripod adapter to the top plate with the astro-physics LT2APM adapter attached to that. I will be getting an 1100GTO and will install it on the same pier.  

5 1/2" OD seems small but this thing is solid and heavy. My wife owns a steel business and made mine, she looked today and it is going for $24 a foot  here in Illinois but the price has been varying a lot lately.   

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