Re: Mach2 transport case?


I purchased a pelican 1640 case for my Mach 2.  I’ve had the case for just 
under a year.  As you can see, I can fit the mount, cables, GTOCP5 and GTOCP5 
tripod attachment along with the counterweight bar in the case.  While not
shown in this photo, I have been able to fit a polemaster and cables into
the case as well. The small box in the lower left contains the thumb crews 
that attach the mount to a tripod.  The counterweight bar is under the GTOCP5 
box.  The high density foam is the same foam that came in AP shipping box 
for the mount.  I also keep a small container of desiccant hidden away in 
a foam pocket.

+ Good, solid case, moisture and dust proof (its a pelican case)
+ Inner dimensions 23.7” x 24” x 13.9"
+ I can use the same foam that shipped with the mount from AP
+ One case will hold most of the mount “kit” to run the mount
+ When stood up the case can serve as a table for a laptop (see below).
+ The case has wheels and an extendible handle to roll on reasonably smooth 

- The case is large: outer dimensions 27.2” x 27.5” x 16.3” and may not easily 
  fit in the back of smaller cars.
- I’ve not yet found a clean way to safely include the saddle or the keypad.
- The filled case is a bit heavy.  While the case has good wheels and will roll 
  over grass easily, lugging the case a significant distance from your vehicle 
  may take two people to do comfortibly.

Overall, I’m happy with the case, though not had as much chance to break it in
as I would like.  


On Mar 19, 2021, at 12:03, Bill Long via <bill@...> wrote:

I picked up the Pelican Case referenced in the manual for the Mach 2 but its still in the box and is on my weekend project list to get configured. Have others done this? What modifications were needed to the shipping foam to get it to work? 

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