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Luca Marinelli

Something to keep in mind is that deflection of a pipe with an end load is equal to F*L^3/(E * D_o^3 * Delta_D), where F is the applied force, E is the modulus of elasticity,  L is the length of the pipe, D_o is the outer diameter, and Delta_D is the thickness of the pipe wall (assuming the pipe wall thickness is much smaller than the diameter of the pipe). This means that in general diameter of the pipe has a bigger impact on stiffness than thickness of the pipe wall.


For example, an 8in schedule 40 pipe of a given length will deflect 3 times less than a 5in schedule 80 pipe of the same length, made of the same material. Other considerations (for example weight) may drive towards narrower pipes.





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Hi Don

Robert Berta had some really good comments about the benefits of using a bolt down design. I also like the 5-inch schedule 80 pipe idea from Keith Olsen. What would the same length except 6-inch schedule 40 pipe in 304 or 316 SS cost ?

Before I took an eight year hiatus from the hobby I was thinking about getting one of the Le Sueur piers to set up in my back yard, but they had gone out of business when I got back into the hobby. Lately I have been checking CN and Astromart regularly to see what's for sale. I have not been looking for Le Seuer piers, but I will; have to pay attention to see if any show up.


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