Re: Pier for 1100GTO #Guiding

Stone, Jack G

What do you guys think about the Le Sueur pier?

It’s designed to accommodate many of the adapters for various mounts.

Not sure, but I’ve seen many for sale on CN and AM


Jack ~


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If you bury the tube in the concrete you are locked in to the orientation and any shift over time. This can be a big issue if you have climate that is in the snow belt like me. It is far better to pour a concrete base and have bolts imbedded that will allow connection to the pier base. That way you can adjust for orientation (using slotted holes) and getting the pier top level by adjusting the nuts on the bolts on each side of the pier bottom plate.  One person in this topic mentioned burying his tube 24" deep. That won't work if you are in the snow needs to be burred deeper.  If in the snow belt I would check with city or contractors about how deep it should go to ensure it won't move around as the soil shifts.

By the way, another advantage of the bolt down method above is that you can remove the pier for maintenance, replace in the future, etc. Make sure you have it sufficiently high enough. If you change out your mount in the future you may need to get a different height pier. I went from a AP900 mount to a AP1100 mount....on the same pier the 1100 puts the telescope higher up from the floor. I use both a 11" SCT as well as a 152mm APO refractor so my design had to be at a height that could accommodate both telescope types

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