Re: Mach2 transport case?

Eduardo Oliveira


I brought my Mach1 from the US back to Brazil in a Pelican iM2720 Storm Trak Case with foam. It arrived safe and unharmed. 


E. Oliveira

Em qui., 18 de mar. de 2021 às 22:02, WMarton via <> escreveu:

I have my Mach1GTO in a Pelican Air 1615.  The interior dimensions are 29.6" x 15.5" x 9.4", so it is a somewhat tall and narrow Pelican case.  However, I can't rotate the DOVEDV10 of the Mach1 under the RA axis either because it will strike the altitude knob too.  But there is plenty of length to the case to accommodate the height of the "untucked" mount.  In fact there is enough room for the CW shaft, CP4, and other accessories.  I just put the Mach2 in the case and it also fits, but barely.  There is about one inch of space around the mount in the long dimension.  I am either going to use the 1615 case or buy a larger, cheaper case like the DeWalt ToughSystem 2.0 24" Mobile Tool Box.  There is plenty of room for the Mach2 and there are DeWalt accessory boxes that are stackable that can carry my telescope rings, CWs and other accessories.


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