Mach2 transport case?


(Apologies in advance for the mundane topic... but I just want to check my options before spending the $$...)

What are you using to transport the Mach2?
Caveat:  I don't want to remove the saddle to transport the Mach2 (unless someone can give me a good reason to remove it.)
I do know about the iM2875, but I'm not sure the mount will fit in the iM2875 with the saddle attached.   (more info below on why)

First.. I will note I'm a new Mach2 user since about 2 weeks... and let me say this mount is fantastic... I thought it might be "too big", but it seems to be just the right size... (fwiw, I also use an AP1200, and also an AP1100 for "portable work" as the AP1200 won't fit (easily) in the preferred vehicle i'm currently driving.)

I can see the Mach2 is going to be a great "portable" mount, and not take up a bunch of space in the car.
Plus with the Encoders and no need for PEM I'm finding unguided imaging is a joy...
(Tho, yes, the AP1200 w/ PEM also seems to do fine with unguided imaging.)

Now.. the question..  
I know the Mach2 will fit in the Pelican iM2875 case using the original packing foam (plus a bit more).
However , it seems the RA needs to be "rotated downward" for the mount to fit.
My problem is I have the 10" saddle on the mount and with the current saddle position the DEC cannot rotate "flat" -- the saddle will collide with the altitude knob at my latitude..    
I could move the saddle up a hole, tho the saddle will then stick out a bit further and I'm not sure it will fit in the case.

So.. other than the iM2875 what are you all using to transport your mount?

I'm currently transporting the AP1100 in a 17-gallon "Commander" storage bin from Lowes and it works great for the AP1100 (I have foam in the bottom)... I could repurpose this for the Mach2 easily, but it is overkill and I would really like to free up some space in the car.
The iM2875 looks almost the right size -- except for the saddle issue.
I'm thinking a slightly longer Pelican case with the same depth and possibly narrower width might be more appropriate, but I'll need to do more research / measurements to figure out which case that is.   (Fwiw, i don't need airline transport -- just from the house, to the car, and unpack at the site, and I'm looking to keep the "unpacking" time-efficient.)

thx for any suggestions.


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