Re: Help Parking AP 900 in TheSky #ASCOM_V2_Driver

John Shutz

This probably doesn't help with your issue, I have an undated AP document that advises the previous Park 1 position has been relegated to obsolete status and replaced by the new Park 4 position.  This has something to do with lessening the chance of contact between the scope and pier using the Park 1 position which would often slew under the horizon after a start up from park.  Park 4 has the same advantages as Park 1, but minimizes any lower than the horizon slews.  However, according to the document, Park 1 has not been deleted, AP advises you could still use it but do so with caution.  That tells me Park 1 is still an active option just like the other park positions and your problem doesn't relate to the AP advisory I mentioned.  I wonder if APCC has any influence here? You would expect the AP driver setup utility would dictate things, who's the boss?   

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Wed, 17 Mar 2021 14:20:30 -0700
[ap-gto] Help Parking AP 900 in TheSky #ASCOM_V2_Driver #ASCOM_V2_Driver

I run my AP900/CP3 setup from MaxIM DL 5.24 and TheSky6 (yes, I know.) All worked fine until I decided to download the  current AP driver 5.3010 and the current ASCOM plugin for TheSky5/6, V5.0.04.

MaxIM does now talk to TheSky and everybody talks to the mount. TheSky/Telescope/Options, the menus to set tracking rates and to park the scope have now disappeared.  Yes, I have specified in the AP driver setup utility that the mount should start and end at Park 1.

But I can no longer find a command anywhere to actually park the scope. (Or to set tracking rates, which is useful as I do both DSO and linear/planetary imaging.

How to fix this?

Thanks, Bob Gillette

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