Re: Model priority APPM vs TSX Tpoint

Dale Ghent

Definitely prefer APPM over TPoint. I believe that TPoint for non-SB mounts is just a pointing model, where APPM for A-P mounts provides pointing /and/ tracking models.

If you're using TSX as a planetarium, just use it as a planetarium. Have it connect to the A-P ASCOM driver and interact with the mount through that. With an APPM model active in APCC, the ensemble will just do the right thing. As far as TSX is concerned, it's interacting with just another ASCOM-driven mount and it doesn't need to make any special considerations beyond that.

On Mar 16, 2021, at 11:55, Shailesh Trivedi <> wrote:

If you have an APPM model and a Tpoint model in The SkyX and use TSX as the planetarium of choice, what takes precedence? And is there any way to force one or the other?


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