Re: Tracking ISS with Horizons #APCC #Mach2GTO

Ray Gralak



If you attached a large file, it probably was stripped. To get the logs, please use the APCC log zipper utility (not the AP V2 Log zipper) and include all APCC and AP V2 Logs for the last day.


If you would tell me the approximate time you observed the Mach2 slowdown that would help narrow down where to look in the log files.


Lastly, because of the size of the zipped file, you should provide a link to the zip file through a service like dropbox, google, or one-drive.




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Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Tracking ISS with Horizons #APCC #Mach2GTO


Is this what you need?  I can see that changing the system clock could make debugging more confusing.  I can try it in "real time" one of these nights when the ISS makes a pass.  Thanks.

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