Re: Which GTOCP* connection do you use?

Eric Dreher

Thank you, Patrick.  This isn't as difficult as it seems, nor did it turn out to be as inexpensive as I originally thought it might be.  Due to the expense of the internal cables, I think it totaled to about $400 when I was done, but the convenience of having it cuts down my portable astrophotography setup time on my driveway to about 20 minutes.

I tried to find the original CN post wherein a friend of mine in California, A-P family member Glenn Diekmann, inspired the construction with his similar results.  It all starts with the front panel design from  They have free downloadable software you use to place your design, connectors, etc. to suit your needs.  Have a look-see and decide if that's what you'd like to do. could just buy a Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox for about $200 more.  An excellent product, it came out just a couple of months after I finished my distribution box.  That's what I'd do now, though the satisfaction and fun in building what I have was enjoyable.


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