AP 1600, Universal Time and Connecting to Auxiliary Astronomy Programs for Control

Jack Huerkamp

I use SkyTools 3 and SkyTools 4 to control my AP1600 mount using the ASCOM driver.  But every 6 months, I was having to switch the AP keypad from standard time to daylight savings time and then back again 6 months later.  It was suggested to me to set the AP keypad to UT and also setting the computer to UT to avoid have to mess with keypad settings every 6 months.  I did so and can control the mount using the keypad.  

I then tried configuring my observatory location, but when I connected the mount to SkyTools and did a slew to the Sun this afternoon, the scope tried to aim into the ground on the southwest side of the pier.  I need to know how to set my location in SkyTools now that the mount and computer are set to UT.  I am in the Central US time zone.

I would appreciate feedback on this as I would hate to have to go back to setting the computer and AP keypad to the current local time.

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp

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