Re: APPM cannot connect to camera via SGP

Ray Gralak

Hi Luca,

I've not heard of any connect problems. Maybe the TCP port number has changed?


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Sent: Monday, March 15, 2021 4:48 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] APPM cannot connect to camera via SGP

Hi Ray,

I was trying to build a new model for my AP1100 tonight with APCC Pro v1.8.8.17 via SGP v4.661 and a QHY 268M
camera and APPM was giving an error message "Failed to connect to Camera: cannot Connect: Please make sure
the camera is connected in Sequence Generator Pro". The camera is connected in SGP, as you can see in the
screenshot via the QHY ASCOM driver (ASCOM v6.5 SP1). Incidentally on the screen on the left you can see
APPM running on the other system (Mach2 with ZWO ASI6200MM camera) without any problems. Do you know
what might be the issue or how to troubleshoot it further?



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