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Ok, thanks very much!


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I’m not an Apple guy and am not familiar with iPads.  HOWEVER – unless Apple has recently changed their packaging and marketing, you only get built-in GPS if you get an iPad with a modem.  So if you buy an iPad that doesn’t have a modem, you won’t be able to take advantage of the automatic GPS location feature in SkySafari.


Yes, you can still manually input your location.  And if you’re using WiFi, SkySafari will take a location from the WiFi’s signal (which can be way off depending on where the WiFi signal is getting its location from).  But without a built-in GPS, SkySafari can’t do it automatically.  I learned this when I bought an iPad for my brother with the intention of using it on his boat.  I had to buy one with a modem.


Many Android tablets are the same way – but not all.  I learned the hard way.  After my initial mistake I was able to find a Samsung tablet without modem, but with built-in GPS.  But that was years ago.


So if you want to take advantage of SkySafari’s automatic GPS location feature, make sure you buy an iPad with a built-in GPS – which probably means built-in modem too.  You don’t have to activate the iPad with its own cellular account.   But you do have to buy the more expensive version with the cellular modem.




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Having used sky safari pro on my iPhone  for a while I have decided I want a larger screen. Which iPad would you recommend for use with Skye safari?





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