Re: Which GTOCP* connection do you use?

Don Anderson

I connect to my CP3 via a usb to serial adaptor which is connected to a Pegasus Astro powered USB 3.1 hub mounted between the forks of my AP900GOTO. Also connected to the hub are the main camera, filter wheel, guide camera and Optec FocusLynx hub. I connect to the hub from my control computer in my house with a 65' powered USB cable. I use MaximDL Pro 6.11 for image acquisition and focusing and The Sky6 as the planetarium program.  All works very reliably. 

Don Anderson

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I am toying with connecting via ethernet to save a USB space on my control computer.  I have also ordered an FTDI serial adapter to try that out.  Therefore I should only need 1 USB cable to my entire imaging rig.  What are your connections and why?

1. USB
2. Ethernet
3. WiFi
4. RS-232

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