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FYI we went through a time change in September (Chile) and our 1600 did not do anything unusual. It imaged the whole night and started up as expected the next day. I just had to review/adjust the start times for some targets

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The mount won't park itself unless it gets a park command from a 3rd party software. A clock change on your PC does not automatically get sent to the mount by itself, so the mount does not know about any time change.


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Last night I was imaging with my QSI683 camera through the AP 130EDF on my Mach1GTO and had an unusual thing happen. I was on my last subframe of the evening, at around 2am and suddenly I noticed that the guiding errors grew tremendously.

I noticed the guide star was out of the field so I grabbed an additional full frame exposure through the guide camera to see what had happened. A 5 sec exposure showed stars streaking in the field of view, like the tracking was incorrect or even off.

After closer inspection I noticed that the mount parked itself at exactly 2:00am when the PC's clock automatically advanced from 2:00am to 3:00am during the EST to DST transition. It wasn't too much of a problem since I was closing down for the night anyway, so I lost the 10 min subframe.
I was wondering why/how the mount automatically parked due to that sudden time shift Any ideas? Anyone else had this happen to them?

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