Re: Which GTOCP* connection do you use?

Dale Ghent

Negative. The CP5 is (currently) unique to the Mach2 because the CP5's motor driving circuitry is for running the unique-to-the-Mach2 brushless servo motors. The CP1/2/3/4 has circuitry for driving the "classic" servo motors that are in the rest of the GTO line, past and present.

You can't even accidentally do this because the CP<=4 classic servos connect with a single connection, where the Mach2+CP5 has separate connections for RA and Dec motor and, if memory serves, the gender and keying of the connectors also differ.

On Mar 15, 2021, at 04:35, Kenneth Tan <> wrote:

Can i use the gtocp4 with my mach2 gto? I was toying with the idea as that will allow me to connect it with the ASI air pro which does not seem as yet to support the gtocp5.


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I should have put keypad as a choice in the poll.

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