Re: Which GTOCP* connection do you use?

Roland Christen

I use USB directly to the Cp4 and CP5 controllers in my observatory.
For camera connections I use whatever the camera came with - USB2, USB3 and even serial Stuck out tongue winking eye

My workflow to the Mach 2, using a powered hub is the following:

Connect MaximDL via ASCOM
Connect SkyX via ASCOM
Connect QSI683 WSG camera (160 EDF refractor) plus Lodestar guider
Connect Lodestar and Trius Pro 36 (130 EDF with Quad TCC)

Select object in SkyX and press GoTo. Stand back and let Maxim DL take images.


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A new poll has been created:
I am toying with connecting via ethernet to save a USB space on my control computer.  I have also ordered an FTDI serial adapter to try that out.  Therefore I should only need 1 USB cable to my entire imaging rig.  What are your connections and why?
1. USB
2. Ethernet
3. WiFi
4. RS-232
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Roland Christen

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